Whole Body Phantom

Whole Body Phantom
Product Features

  • Heavy wall
  • Leakproof screw caps
  • Square tags to stop rolling
  • 4.5mm Natural Polythene

  • Designed to represent an average Male the components are light and easy to handle and have no sharp corners or edges.

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    7400 Product Specifications
    PART NoPart DescriptionShapeDia x Length mmUnitPrice / Unit
    7400-000Complete 10 partsEA£ 1548.42
    7400-001HeadEllipse190 X 140 X 200EA£  158.00
    7400-002ArmRound100 X 600EA£  190.58
    7400-003NeckRound130 X 100EA£  158.82
    7400-004ThoraxEllipse300 X 200 X 400EA£  144.51
    7400-005LumbarEllipse360 X 200 X 200EA£  176.28
    7400-006ThighRound150 X 400EA£  163.57
    7400-007LegRound120 X 400EA£  147.70
    7400-5LumbarEllipse360 X 200 X 200EA£  176.28
    7400-6ThighRound150 X 400EA£  163.57
    7400-7LegRound120 X 400EA£  147.70