Bottle Square
Low Density Polythene

Bottle Square
Low Density Polythene
Product Features

  • Graduated
  • Insert plug
  • Sealing tabs on neck and Cap
  • Excellent Chemical resistance

  • Medium neck easy fill for liquids or powders and semi solids

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    1432 Product Specifications
    PART NoVolume mlB x B x Ht mmNeck mmUnitPrice / Unit
    1432-02525EA£    0.63
    1432-05050EA£    0.72
    1432-100100EA£    0.99
    1432-100A100EA£    0.00
    1432-250250EA£    1.11
    1432-500500EA£    1.35
    1432-9011000EA£    2.19
    1432-901A1000EA£    0.00
    1432-9022000EA£    3.92