Reagent Bottle: Grey
Low Density Polythene

Reagent Bottle: Grey
Low Density Polythene
Product Features

  • Graduated
  • Plug insert
  • Sealing tabs on Cap and Bottle
  • Light excluding Colour
  • Medium Neck

  • These containers are ideal for Light sensitive solutions as with the Natural Reagent bottles they have heavy wall and are suitable for transport and offer the double security of both plug and screw cap

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    1395 Product Specifications
    PART NoVolume mlNeck ID mmUnitPrice / Unit
    1395-0505018.5EA££ 1.18
    1395-12512518.5EA££ 1.39
    1395-25025023EA££ 1.80
    1395-50050023EA££ 2.37
    1395-901100034.5EA££ 3.56
    1395-902200034.5EA££ 7.83