Bottle Narrow Mouth

Bottle Narrow Mouth
Product Features

  • Graduated
  • Clear view of contents
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Cap and bottle same material
  • Natural polymer
  • Autoclavable

  • European standard neck in natural Polypropylene are ideal for storage and transit of a wide range of Chemicals having excellent resistance even to aggressive Acids

    see also 1382 Range

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    1282 Product Specifications
    PART NoSize mlHeight X DIAcap sizeUnitPrice / Unit
    1282-050509137EA£    0.94
    1282-10010010846EA£    1.21
    1282-25025014759EA£    1.79
    1282-50050017975EA£    2.01
    1282-901100022590EA£    3.45
    1282-9022000270110EA£    5.76